Thursday, August 25, 2016

Honolulu Zoo

We got an annual family zoo pass just for donating $10 and opening an account at Aloha Pacific FCU. Sweet! We picked Angela and James up from school and went straight there. It was pretty toasty and it was a lot of walking and looking at sleeping animals so we felt like we were melting when we finished. Then we went to the Japanese food court at Ala Moana and watched Eric's son, Nicolas, perform with his band. We haven't been leaving enough time for the kids to just be home and getting homework done…oops :)

Potty trained orangutans?

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Keeping Lydia entertained

One of the interesting challenges we've faced in the short time we've been in Hawaii is keeping Lydia entertained without using what we call "screen time," which is basically anything on a screen (Netflix, games on the iPad, etc.).

See, if you didn't know, Lydia is a social butterfly. She wants to be friends with everyone. Rebecca calls it "adopting grandmas and grandpas." Our neighbors just down the hill from us would be perfect candidates for Lydia's "adopt a grandpa" program. Except, when Rebecca went down there to knock and meet the neighbors (they're very nice people, excellent neighbors), and Rebecca explained Lydia's desire to get to know them. "Do you have any grandkids that Lydia could play with sometime?" she asked.  "Oh no, we never had children. We made a choice to not have children, we believe in zero population."


So, we just brought 4 rowdy kids with us next door to you. Sorry if the noise bothers you, neighbors!

They do have dogs though. And they're labradoodles, similar to our Xyla, a goldendoodle. So the kids enjoy getting a little puppy therapy from the neighbors who are zero population folks.

So, Rebecca grabbed some toys and games from the clearance rack at Wal-Mart yesterday. That means that daddy gets to play goofy games like Fibber with Lydia.

Visit to Pali Lookout

Looking to get out of the sweltering heat of the house, we decided to take a little drive up the road.

James goofing off hanging off the edge of the wall overlooking the Pali Lookout.

Beautiful Angela. 

Later we went on a drive up Tantalus Drive, and then we stopped at Liliha Bakery on the way home for some yummy coco puffs.

What does "Lehi moment" mean?

After posting yesterday's post on Facebook yesterday, a good friend who was basically my mom during the two years I served an LDS mission in Brazil asked for more information about "Lehi moment." I laughed later as my mother-in-law posted a response, explaining to someone who probably taught me more about Lehi and the Book of Mormon than I learned on my own up to that point in my life, who Lehi was. 

But I guess there might be some people who don't know who Lehi is or was, maybe you don't care to know and that's fine, but maybe some context would be helpful in understanding.

Lehi was a prophet in the Book of Mormon. Kinda like Moses or Noah from the Bible. And Lehi was probably just a normal guy trying to do the right thing, being a good husband and dad I don't know, when he basically had a vision or a message directly from God that it was time for him to get the heck out of town. And so, he listened and obeyed and grabbed his family and some tents and maybe some supplies and he got out of town. Lehi left behind what seems to be a fairly comfortable life, family and friends and familiarity, to go into the unknown and travel in the wilderness. All because God told him to. There's more to it than that, but that about covers the gist of it.

So the "Lehi moment" comment refers to Lehi up and leaving everything he knows for the unknown simply because God told him to. And that's pretty much why I left Utah. There's a whole long story about how that came to pass, how I actually received my own answer, but I'll save that for another time. I read somewhere you're supposed to keep blog posts short.

The title of my post, "My Dad had a Lehi Moment" is referring to my daughter, Maile, who had to leave Provo High School going into her junior year. She found that was the best way to explain to her friends who asked "why are you moving to Hawaii?" Most of her friends being Mormon, members of our church who would understand the Lehi reference.

And we still feel very strongly that this whole move to Hawaii was an act of faith. I still have no clue why or how or what. I have some ideas but I have learned that God works in ways my imagination cannot begin to consider.

 This is Lehi finding a kind of compass known as a Liahona outside his tent. Meant to guide them on their journey by their faith in God. The muscular dude leaning over him is his son Nephi. I'm sure there's some historical inconsistencies and such in this painting, maybe not. Just trying to add "color" to my post here...

Tuesday, August 23, 2016


The Chock Family (Thomas, Rebecca, Isaac, Maile, Angela, James, and Lydia) lived in Provo, Utah for the last 14 years.

Then, back in April of 2016, dad had a Lehi moment and was told it's time to move to Hawaii.

So, we uprooted and bought one way tickets into the barelyknown.

We have been in Hawaii a little over a week now. I figured it's high time to start blogging again, and there's folks that actually are interested in knowing about what we're up to and up against here in "paradise."

And now we have older kids who can contribute as well so it's not all on Rebecca and I.

Front view of the house. Was my dad's house. My father passed away in September 2014.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Hike the Y

So back before all this re-visit to winter weather began, we decided to hike up to the Y. We lived to tell the tale.